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Specialized Training

 Clinics and Programs an Overview


Pitching Clinics - Players will be taken through the training program step by step. All players will be taught specific drills and stretching exercises that focus on arm strengthening an arm care. Overall program develops arm speed and velocity, through balanced strength. Mechanics will be addressed as needed, then put together to work as a whole entire motion. Individually videotaped and reviewed by our staff.

Catchers Clinics - Each player will have a better understanding of receiving, calling the game, blocking pitches, fielding bunts, pop ups and throwing to bases. Drills will emphasize proper footwork, agility and arm strength development.  Individually videotaped and reviewed by our staff.

Infielders Clinics – Middle infield and corner infield positions will focus on developing lateral speed and agility, soft hands, arm strength and proper footwork for all types of plays. Individually videotaped and reviewed by our staff.

Hitting Clinics - This program will break down hitting from head to toe through the principles of the training process. Drills will concentrate on each part of the swing, with the primary goal of getting the mechanics to work as a whole. Hitters will receive a mental plan of attack for each at-bat and a better understanding of the types of pitches they can drive. Individually videotaped and reviewed by our staff

Team Clinics -  Fundamentals, strategy and mental game plans for hitting, pitching, defense and base running will all be a part of this 2 hour program. Players will see demonstrations of proper technique then actively participate in various drills that introduce them to the concepts of the traing process. Coaches will gain a better understanding of each player’s true ability and how to maximize his potential. Teamwork and communication between players/coaches will also be addressed.

Youth League Coaches Program - This program provides coaches with the opportunity to learn how to demonstrate technique and communicate to their players more effectively. All fundamentals of the game will be addressed and each coach will receive an understanding of the training process and how it simplifies the mechanics, allowing players to focus on the immediate tasks at hand. Coaches will hit, throw, pitch and field, while gaining strategic tips to help them manage a winning team and conduct a fun and productive practice. 

Conditioning Programs

Agility and Strength Training


The Pro Advantage Strength and Agility Program is designed based on how the parts function as a whole.


The resulting training programs are based on the following principles:

  • Postural alignment and dynamic balance are the foundation for all training

  • Strength endurance

  • Train movements, not muscles

  • Train fundamental movement skills before sport-specific skills

  • Train core strength before extremity strength

  • Train body weight before external resistance

  • Train joint integrity before joint mobility

  • Train speed before speed endurance

The result is the systematic, sequential and progressive development of “The Complete Athlete.”

Pro Advantage Program Goals

  • Injury Prevention

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Education


During this five step process we ask questions to gain insight into the athlete’s needs and condition. Based on the answers, a system and plan is developed to help the athlete reach their goal. Finally, the effects of the program are assessed for effectiveness.

Step #1 - The Sport - Baseball

What are the demands of the sport?

Most games require quick starts and quick stops.
The Performance Paradigm — Constant interplay of force reduction and force production.


Step #2 - The Athlete - Your makeup

What are the qualities of the individual athlete relative to the demands of the sport?

This is highly age dependent, therefore, it is important to carefully consider:

Developmental Age
Biological Age
Training Age
Position or Event

These demands change as the athlete's training age increases.

Step #3 - The System - Balance, Rhythm and Vision

The system has five "S" training components:



All these components have a different emphasis based on the sport and individual. Facilities or equipment should not be a limiting factor.

Step #4 - The Plan

Timing of the application of training components.

     Phases Of The Year

1.       Transition

2.       Off Season

3.       Early Season

4.       Mid Season

5.       Late Season


Basic Conditioning
Basic Skill
Advanced Conditioning
Advanced Skill


Step #5 - The Evaluation
Assessment of the effect of the program. Find out where you are to know where you are going.

Criteria Tests
Progress Check


Applying the Method to the Athlete

Kinetic Chain Concept

To maximize results, you must condition and prepare the whole body.

The body is a link system with all parts working together.


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