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Matt in Little League Baseball

Technique is essential and often misunderstood. My baseball experience has given me the understanding of balance, rhythm and vision.  I love to see a players face when he begins to grasp these concepts. Regardless of ability everyones tools can be developed into skills.



The general teaching philosophy of the Pro Advantage is based on the absolutes of Balance, Rhythm and Vision.  These concepts never lie.


Absolute #1 - As athletes, we either have balance or we do not.


Absolute #2 - We also have a certain tempo or rhythm to our actions and moves on the field.  As players, we know when we are in synch or ...out of rhythm.


Absolute #3 - Vision is either sharp or out of focus, there are no in betweens.

The Pro Advantage takes every trainee beyond sight of ball or mitt. We teach every student to have a clear vision of themselves attaining all their goals in lifeathletically, academically and personally.

The concepts of our programs go hand in hand with each other, offensively and defensively. Balance effects rhythm and rhythm is essentially balance in motion.  Without vision we have no direction or focus and our balance and rhythm disappears.


Whether your motion is pitching, hitting or defensive play, this training process will help you move and focus your concentration like a Pro.



Matt in Major League Baseball


Keep it Simple

Young baseball players must crawl before they can walk, and walk before they can run. Teaching that is too complicated is difficult to remember and can result in frustration.

Make it Fun
Learning doesnt have to be tedious. Drills and instruction can be structured so players enjoy themselves while learning. Games also promote fun and are an important part of Matt Merullos Baseball programs.

Celebrate the Individual
No two players are alike, so why should they be treated as if they are? Each player has his or her own comfort zones, strengths and style. Individualism is promoted as long as certain fundamental approaches are followed.

Explain Why
Why? is a young persons dominant question. Younger players have an innate need to understand the reasoning behind any teaching. Lessons that make sense will stick with young athletes and later become consistent baseball skills.


Get the  Pro Advantage -  "Let's have some FUN out there!!"

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